Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oracle BIWA Summit 2014--and more on Essbase/OBIEE Integration (Key Factors)

As I touched down in San Fransisco ready for my talk on Essbase and OBIEE integration, I considered all of the factors that go into making the integration work well.

One:  Having Essbase cubes built properly.  Having ETL work take place on the database side, and not in Essbase Studio or another tool.  Having Essbase cube that doesn't use ragged hierarchies.

Two:  Having Oracle or another Relational Source that matches the Essbase Cube. Also having a relational source that does not use ragged hierarchies.

Three:  Then, understanding the RPD, how to integrate and combine these sources.  Essbase needs to integrate with OBIEE here. Mixing the levels together of Essbase and OBIEE.  I recommend creating a standalone Essbase model, a standalone relational model, and then once those are working properly try to integrate the two models separately. 

The conference and the setting were great, hope to see everyone again next year!

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