Friday, December 12, 2014

BIWA Summit--Please register and come to this great event, I will be speaking!

Registration is open, and we have a ton of great sessions for the 2015 summit, the event is taking place, Jan 27-29, 2015, we already have a great crowd coming out to the event!

See the Session list:

I'm talking on  How to really go Agile--Continuous Integration with OBIEE, hope to see you at the session! 

BIWA Summits have been organized and managed by the Oracle BI, DW and Analytics SIG user community of IOUG (Independent Oracle User Group) and attract the top Oracle BI, DW and Advanced Analytics and Big Data experts. The 2.5-day BIWA Summit'15 event involves Keynotes by Industry experts, Educational sessions, Hands-on Labs and networking events. We have a great line up so far w/ Tom Kyte Senior Technical Architect in Oracles Server Technology, Doug Cutting (Chief Architect, Cloudera), Oracle BI Senior Management, Neil Mendelson, VP of Product Management Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Matt Bradley, SVP, Oracle Product Development, EPM Applications, other features speakers, and many customers/tech experts (see web site and HYPERLINK ""search % Sessions). Our BIWA Summit offers a broad, multi-track user driven conference that has built up a growing reputation over the years. We emphasize technical content and networking with like minded customers, users, developers, product managers (Database, Big Data Appliance, Oracle Advanced Analytics, Spatial, OBIEE, Endeca, Big Data Discovery, In-Memory, SQL Patterns, etc.), etc. who all share an interest in “novel and interesting use cases” of Oracle BI, DW, Advanced Analytics and Spatial technologies, applications and solutions. We’re off to a great start this year with a great agenda and hope to pack the HQ CC this Jan 27-29, 2015 with 300+ attendees.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Future Big Data Concept getting applied to Oracle Products

Everyone is talking about Big Data and how it's going to transform Data Warehousing.  What I'm wondering is when is Oracle going to make Oracle BI products work across multiple servers and use multiple CPUs and RAM?  I would expect within the next 5 years Oracle DB, Essbase, OBIEE, etc, to be re-written to take advantage of increased abilities and as a result, increased performance.  What do you think?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oracle BIWA Summit 2014--and more on Essbase/OBIEE Integration (Key Factors)

As I touched down in San Fransisco ready for my talk on Essbase and OBIEE integration, I considered all of the factors that go into making the integration work well.

One:  Having Essbase cubes built properly.  Having ETL work take place on the database side, and not in Essbase Studio or another tool.  Having Essbase cube that doesn't use ragged hierarchies.

Two:  Having Oracle or another Relational Source that matches the Essbase Cube. Also having a relational source that does not use ragged hierarchies.

Three:  Then, understanding the RPD, how to integrate and combine these sources.  Essbase needs to integrate with OBIEE here. Mixing the levels together of Essbase and OBIEE.  I recommend creating a standalone Essbase model, a standalone relational model, and then once those are working properly try to integrate the two models separately. 

The conference and the setting were great, hope to see everyone again next year!