Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 ODTUG Kscope was a great EPM conference learned a ton of great things, and some things to test out.

Really enjoyed 2013 ODTUG Kscope in New Orleans, and learned some great things.

Some things to test out later:

SmartView Plug-in interaction with OBIEE for OBIEE, while it allows the retrieval of answers created Dashboards and Reports, it is not a fully functional ad-hoc tool.  Word is they are trying to figure the ad-hoc part out.

Parrallel Restructuring edit to essbase.cfg file in Essbase and later does speed up restructure time.  This would of course be dependent upon having multiple processes to parallel process with :)

OBIEE runs smarter queries in latest versions of Essbase( and OBIEE( 

Oracle SQL you can use recursive queries in place of using connect by.

Liked Planning and it's offering,when I queried some developers/users, no one seemed to be using the workflow part of it.  They complained it was too much work/necessary process.

Let me know if you have already tested these things out and how they are working for you.