Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to go end-to-end in Business Intelligence in 1 week

Going from beginning to end in Business Intelligence in 1 week, these are the steps I would take. This could all happen in 1 week if you have the environment setup and data available to use.

0. Start--Gather requirements quickly and then rapidly Prototype.
1. Secure the data--If you have no data, then you have no system.
2. Understand the data--How does it work, what nuances do you need to be aware of?
3. Build the star schema--Keep it simple, find 11-13 total possible dimensions max for your first run.
4. Load Using EIS--It's a simple tool to load using Hyperion EIS, that can take your star schema into a workable protype model.
5. Build your Essbase cube from EIS--Dont' worry too much about calculations, etc
6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you come close to a point where showing a business user could add some insight and create some depth.
7. Finish the prototype and start the steps over with more detailed requirements. I've even finished whole reporting systems in 1 week before :)

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