Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blog Entry #1 02/2009

JS Business Intelligence, LLC has officially started now and I am going to make a concentrated effort to update the blog section of this site as frequently as possible.
I'll start off here with some thoughts on what makes Business Intelligence successful.
1. Backing of the Customer
If the client is not behind the solution then the system will not work because they have not invested themselves in the success of the system.
2. Support from up High
If Senior Executives don't make a push, then don't expect anyone to automatically embrace your system, just for the sake of it.
3. Good Data--or at least reasonable data
If your data is bad, then your system will usually be bad as well. Put another way, with garbage into a system, it is very difficult to have something useful come out.
4. Customers that will actually use the system
If at the end of the day a great system has been built, but no one wants to use it. It could be that the client is too focused on doing their transactional job and cannot take the time to look at the bigger picture. Or it could be that the company is not ready yet for it.
At this time, I recommend convincing the client that your system is valuable. Tell them that in time with their help and continued development it can become something that will help them be successful.

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